Alternative To Blasting Experts in Kelowna


  • Dust control
  • Road building and paving
  • Fire suppression and control
  • Landscape Watering
  • 3” truck-mounted water cannon
  • Forest road construction and deactivation
  • Site prep/land clearing

Domestic Services

  • Wells
  • Holding tanks and cisterns
  • Wet down of riding rings
  • Ponds
  • Landscape watering
  • Non Potable water
  • New Construction
  • Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Custom rock removal for driveways, home foundations, and swimming pools

Rock Services

  • Rock Removal
  • Rock Hammering
  • No explosives used
  • Frost Trenching
  • Concrete Ripping

Proud User of Xcentric Rock Ripper

A Kelowna Xcentric Rock Ripper Service

That You Can Rely On

When you have a rock on your property, say on your driveway, or a house foundation rock that you want removed, you have a number of options to get rid of it. The best option that we recommend is hiring a Kelowna Xcentric rock ripper, which will rip the rock into small and disposable pieces of rock in just a matter of minutes. The rock ripper is based on a patented impact vibration accumulation technology that allows the breaking of the rocks not only in less time, but also at a lower cost and with minimal noise. Don’t try blasting as it endangers the environment and everything in it. Our Kelowna alternative to blasting experts exactly understands how to use the rock ripper and will be ready to get rid of the unwanted rock from your property and leave it clean, as if nothing was there, ready for your planned project to continue.

The Best Kelowna Alternative To Blasting Methods

Blasting rock in your property is not only unsafe, but it’s also loud and also endangers the immediate surroundings. As a matter of fact, blasting is restricted in many countries as it causes vibrations which then leads to cracking of structures in the area. We won’t do any blasting on your property, we will break the rocks into small pieces using the Kelowna Xcentric Rock Ripper, producing very minimal noise, and will also be very safe to the environment. Also, other than rock ripping services, you can rely on us when it comes to domestic services and also in construction.

Our professionals are well-trained especially when it comes to operating the rock ripper, so you can completely rely on us to take that challenging job from you. All you need to do is to give us a call and let’s know what you need, then leave the rest to us.